Specialised and industrial construction

Skarta’s strong competence and ability to make innovative decisions create the foundation for successful specialised and industrial construction. This is supported by our state-of-the-art equipment and hardware.

We build industrial facilities for operators such as production and logistics companies, workshops and the paper and mining industries according to the customer’s needs. We also boldly tackle the most challenging specialised construction projects, such as biopower and thermal power stations, industrial halls and production facilities.

Our added value to specialised and industrial construction projects is, above all else, strong project management and competence in challenging groundwork and concrete work. We are constantly developing and optimising our processes and technology. As an example of this, our element assembly process takes up less space on site compared to traditional methods while enabling more efficient use of resources and a safer working environment.

Our customers have learned to trust our expertise and cooperative abilities created by our decades of experience; we work seamlessly with all of our cooperation partners and stakeholders.

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Work foreman
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Mikael Sidér
CEO, Skarta AB
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