BoP construction

Balance of Plant construction refers to infrastructure and electrical work at a wind farm. The BoP construction includes everything except turbines.

We are involved in wind farms through our Balance of Plant concept which covers the construction of the necessary roads, lifting areas and foundations, as well as underground cabling and transformer deliveries, which are needed for joining the electricity grid.

Building a road 

In order to get the machines, supplies and equipment on site, every power plant project starts with the construction of a road.

Lifting areas

Well-designed and efficiently implemented lifting areas allow the smooth implementation of the next stages of the project.


The construction of foundations is one of the most demanding tasks of wind farm construction. The soil of the site must be taken into account, as well as the size of the power plant.

Electrical work

Underground cabling’s share of the costs is relatively small, but even more important – the electricity produced must be transferred undisturbed via the substation to the national grid.